Why should I use a pet sitter?
To ensure your pet is as comfortable as possible while you are away it is important that they remain in their familiar environment and keep to their routine.  Pet sitting also ensures more personal care for your pets compared to an animal boarding centre.

All house keys are kept in a secure location, away from any personally identifying information.  Please test all keys before handing them over.  Visits are completed discretely (my car has no signage) so as not to draw attention to your absence.

I can accept cash, bank transfer or cheques payable to Felicity Elmer.

I carry a liability insurance policy that protects you from financial loss in the event of incidents that may occur while your pets are in my care.

What if my pet becomes ill?
You will be contacted immediately and I will take your pet to a veterinarian if deemed necessary.  Any additional expenses will be included in your invoice.

Felicity Elmer – Dog Walker and Pet Sitter
Phone: 07926 159202